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In 2022, my growth tanked big-time. Here’s how I solved it

I started my Twitter journey in 2015. At the time, Twitter favored brevity and punchiness. For a boxer and stoic thinker like me, that made total sense.

Similar to boxing, tweeting too became a game of hitting with short, powerful ideas.

Each tweet was a punch. A punch of thought. And they worked really well…


The 2022 algorithim change came in and overnight my growth tanked.

You're tweeting every day but your growth is slow

In 2022 my growth tanked.

My tweets didn’t perform as well as they used to.

And suddenly the old proven tricks stopped working.

Maybe you have seen your Twitter results plummet too.

As a result, I ended up in a cycle of trial and error with my tweets.

And no matter what I did…

My engagement was crashing in a way worse than the cryptocurrency market did recently.

Thankfully, I finally realized that the Twitter algorithm had changed.

The signs were obvious:

The good news is that Twitter is telling you its new favorite growth strategy.

If you wonder why your tweets don’t perform as well as they used to…

This is the reason:

Now the Twitter algorithm is favoring long-form content.

The bird app now gives prominence to elaborate, complete, and more valuable, information.

And it seems like a trend here to stay.

Twitter has worked on functionalities to share that kind of content.

For example, newsletters.

Right now they are working on articles/notes.

So that explains why threads now get more exposure than plain old tweets.

It’s something I checked myself with the results my threads get… I’ll show them in just a second.

I used to hate Threads, but then they got me the craziest results

I’ve to admit I didn’t like Twitter threads.

I thought they were a pointless waste of my precious time.

Until I wrote some and got these results:

Just in April 2022, I gained 9,910 followers, all for a few threads I wrote.

And those aren’t the typical cold, low-engaging followers.

The followers you get with threads are high-quality followers who buy faster.

Of course, I changed my opinion on Twitter threads.

And after tinkering with my thread strategy for a few months…

I found out what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve discovered the tricks, strategies, and tactics to create highly addictive Twitter Threads.

And if that’s something that interests you [since you’re reading this, it seems so]

Then I’ve good news for you.

Because here I’ll show you how to write threads that get explosive follower growth and quickly increase your income, reputation, and authority…


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Here’s just a small peek into what we’ll cover:

Why write thread: get engagement, gain followers, increase sales.


When people see a well-crafted thread, they can’t help but engage.

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Threads are the best “follower magnet”.

But to be honest more than followers, threads get you raving fans.

So, if you want to grow your following you’ll see the best type of threads to do so.


There are many ways to sell with Twitter (products, services, whatever)…

The quickest, easiest, most effective, and non-salesy way

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My name is Ed Latimore.

I’m a best-selling author, former professional heavyweight boxer, and competitive chess player.

My writing focuses on self-improvement and a practical approach to stoic philosophy.

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